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StiTpcDetectorBuilder::StiLayer Struct Reference

#include <StiTpcDetectorBuilder.h>

Public Types

enum  TpcHalf { West = 0, East = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 StiLayer (int tpc_sector, int tpc_padrow, bool split=false)
void update_tpc_id (int tpc_sector, int tpc_padrow) const
int tpc_sector () const
int tpc_padrow () const
int tpc_sector (TpcHalf half) const
bool represents_only (TpcHalf half) const
double radial_distance () const
bool operator< (const StiLayer &other) const

Public Attributes

bool sti_split_in_half = false
 Split Sti layer in East and West halves.
int sti_sector_id = -1
int sti_padrow_id = -1
int tpc_sector_id [2] = {-1, -1}
 East and/or West if available.
int tpc_padrow_id [2] = {-1, -1}
 East and/or West if available.

Detailed Description

This structure essentially maps physical TPC sector/padrow ID to the corresponding Sti sector/padrow ID

Definition at line 48 of file StiTpcDetectorBuilder.h.

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