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data_t Struct Reference

Public Attributes

Int_t day
Double_t dx
Double_t ddx
Double_t dy
Double_t ddy
Double_t dz
Double_t ddz
Double_t alpha
Double_t dalpha
Double_t beta
Double_t dbeta
Double_t gamma
Double_t dgamma
Int_t run
Int_t date
Int_t time
Double_t field
Int_t sector
Char_t * comment
Int_t barrel
Int_t layer
Int_t ladder
Int_t wafer
Int_t type
Double_t u
Double_t Du
Double_t v
Double_t Dv
Double_t w
Double_t Dw
Double_t Dalpha
Double_t Dbeta
Double_t Dgamma
Char_t * Comment
Double_t zdc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1 of file MakeShellSectorOnGlobal.C.

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