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rtsCndTrigger Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int idx_rn
int idx_trigger
char name [DB_MAX_STR_LEN]
int offlineBit
int desiredTrgCmd
int desiredDaqCmd
int desiredPre
int desiredPost
float expected_L0_fraction
float desired_L0_rate
float expected_L1_fraction
float desired_L1_rate
float expected_L2_fraction
float desired_L2_rate
float expected_L3_fraction
float desired_L3_rate
int dataStream
int tokenZero
int calibration
unsigned int detectorLiveOnBits
unsigned int detectorLiveOffBits
unsigned int detectorRequest
int tcdId
int millisec
int trgNameVersion
int trgVersion
int threshVersion
int psVersion
int l0ps
float eff_ps
int l1_id
int l1_special_processing
float l1ps
int l2_id
int l2_special_processing
float l2ps
int l3_id
int l3_special_processing
float l3ps

Detailed Description

Definition at line 6 of file rtsCndTrigger.h.

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