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rtsMonTCD_new Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned int size
unsigned int node
unsigned int task
unsigned int version
unsigned int tim
unsigned int state
unsigned int tknIn
unsigned int tknOut
unsigned int tknBad
unsigned int couEvtsIn
unsigned int couEvtsRun
unsigned int couEvtsAll
unsigned int couEvtsBad
unsigned int busy
unsigned int evtsSec
unsigned int kbSecEvb
unsigned int kbSecAux
int deadtime [32]
int clock [32]
unsigned int cpu_busy
struct {
   int   sca_hz
   int   sca_dead
   int   l0_evts
   int   l0_hz
   int   abt
l0 [65]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 179 of file rtsMonitor.h.

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