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star::rts::hlt::hlt_track Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int id
 primary key
unsigned short flag
 Primaries flag=1, Secondaries flag=0.
char innerMostRow
char outerMostRow
unsigned char nHits
 Number of points assigned to that track.
char reserved
unsigned char ndedx
 nr of clusters contributing to the dedx value
char q
float chi2 [2]
 chi squared of the momentum fit
float dedx
 dE/dx information
float pt
 pt (transverse momentum) at (r,phi,z)
float phi0
 azimuthal angle of the first point
float psi
 azimuthal angle of the momentum at (r,..
float r0
 r (in cyl. coord.) for the first point
float tanl
 tg of the dip angle at (r,phi,z)
float z0
 z coordinate of the first point
float length
float dpt
float dpsi
float dz0
float dtanl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file HLTFormats.h.

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