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Todo List
Class EEmcTTDisplay

[medium] private member volumeName is not best implemented

[minor] speed of light redefined (should be taken from StarClassLibrary)

Class EEmcTTMMaker
The maker does not produce any useful file output. Write it.
Member FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFinder::findClusters (TowerList *towers, ClusterList *clusters, int detetorId)
Check that this sort action is still needed
Class FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFitter
It may be safer to make StFmsClusterFitter a singleton class, or something like that. The shower shape fit function is shared across all objects (by necessity, in order to interface with TMinuit), but each object updates the function itself with different parameters. Therefore bad things would happen if there were more than one object in existence at any time. There isn't ever more than one instance created in this code, but I think it would be good to enforce that.
Member FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFitter::energyDepositionInTowerOLD (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t *par)
Provide LaTeX math function in documentation
Member FMSCluster::StFmsClusterFitter::StFmsClusterFitter ()
Actually initialize things!
Member FMSCluster::StFmsEventClusterer::cluster (std::vector< FMSCluster::StFmsTower > *towers)
Test of number of towers should be detector-dependent
Member StarGenParticle::mIndex

Add user-defined weight (or optionally a parallel array of particle attributes users can populate)

Add polarization

Member StarPrimaryMaker::Finish ()
add random number state to user info