Reconstruction plans (7/20/2004, revisited 01/03/2005, revisited 10/11/2006 )

  1. Short term (~ 6 months)
    1. VMC geometry
    2. (1.4.2005) Add smoother to Sti
    3. The smoother is required to complete Kalman cycle (prediction => fit => smoother) and to create tool for Sti self consistency check.

      The important task is (re)evaluation of errors assigned to hit.
      (10/11/2006) Done

    4. (1.19.2005) (Kalman) Vertex fit
    5. Based on well understood track parameter errors the natural next step is to make vertex fit based on Kalman filter techniques. The fit should be done for primary and secondary vertexes.
      (10/11/2006) Not yet started

    6. Clean up old software
    7. Get rid of pams/tpc and pams/globals, their tables, and utilities server only these packages.

      Reassess how much FORTRAN code use tables. Move table definition from idl to h files.

      Get rid of stic
      (10/11/2006) has started

    8. Data model, StEvent (remove dependence on tables, adjust StEvent to Sti), StMuDst (?)

      (10/11/2006) Not yet started

  2. Middle term (6-18 months)
    1. Freeze calibration scheme (as much as possible) and move it in fast offline.

    2. (10/11/2006) Not yet started

    3. Alignment based on Kalman fit.

    4. (10/11/2006) Not yet started

    (10/11/2006) Not yet started

  3. Long term
    1. Detector response simulation has to reproduce data including misalignment, distortions, ....

    2. (10/11/2006) started for TPC, but not yet completed

    3. High luminosity reconstruction
    4. New detectors (simulation + reconstruction + evaluation)

    5. (10/11/2006) has started

Yuri Fisyak
Last modified: Wed Oct 11 20:20:16 EDT 2006