Reconstruction plans(defined 10/11/2006)

Short term (~ 6 months)

  1. SSD embedding
  2. Processed right now with full speed (Jonathan Bouchet) and should be completed in a month scale.

  3. Procedure for hit error estimation
  4. Processed right now with full speed (Victor) and should be completed in a month scale. This procedure has to provide us with reliable error estimation for all detector used by Sti. These error estimation should be provided for all magnetic field configurations. It is very important to provide dependence of these estimation on space charge. This procedure has to provide cross check of alignment and distortions.

  5. SSD and SVT selfaligment
  6. By end of this year we have to reassess application of this procedure to SSD/SVT alignment.

  7. SSD and SVT alignment for CuCu (Run V) and AuAu (Run VII)
  8. SSD+SVT alignment which has been done for SVT review (July 2006) has to be revisited. The reasons for this revisit are: The procedure of the calibration should well established by the end of this year in order to accomplish the Run VII goals. The accomplishment strongly depends on man power allocated for this task.

  9. Reconstruction (Sti) based on tracking within VMC
  10. This is main goal for reconstruction in the nearest 6 months. This step will allow To accomplish this goal we have develop tools which will The first version of Sti based on VMC tracking we expect to have by the end of this year in order to use this approach in production in time scale of ~6 months from now.

  11. Event Display
  12. To evaluate performance of reconstruction we need event display which will provide

Middle term (6-18 months)

  1. Kalman Vertex fit
  2. Based on well understood track parameter errors the natural next step is to make vertex fit based on Kalman filter techniques. The fit should be done for primary and secondary vertexes.

  3. Clean up old software
  4. Get rid of pams/tpc and pams/globals, their tables, and utilities server only these packages.

    Reassess how much FORTRAN code use tables. Move table definition from idl to h files.

    Get rid of stic

  5. Data model, StEvent (remove dependence on tables, adjust StEvent to Sti, StMcEvent or vice versa)

    in order to provide uniform among detectors simulated reconstructed hits association and embedding

  6. Detector response simulators which reproduce data including misalignment, distortions, ....

Long term

  1. Alignment based on Kalman fit.
  2. Reassess calorimeters reconstruction
  3. New detectors (simulation + reconstruction + evaluation)

Yuri Fisyak
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