RunIV analysis

Hit Reconstruction

Several sequences of the run 5015034 are used to check the SSD code readiness and to progress on the alignment. The number of SSD hits reconstructed per event (scaled for a full acceptance) has been plotted versus the number of TPC hits, global and primary tracks.
For the first pass, only of the TPC corrections were applied, the ITTF tracker was used in the TPC and few bugs were not corrected in the StSsdPointMaker. For the second pass, all the known TPC corrections were applied, the tpt tracker was used in the TPC and few bugs were corrected in the StSsdPointMaker.


The events above were processed with the alignement code adapted by Joerg. The plots below show the residuals (x vs y) obtained (the nominal geometry is used, the ladders are not moved yet).
For each ladder : 19,20,1,2,3 (top from left to right) and 13,12,11,10,9 (bottom from left to right).
For all ladders : higher resolution histo.

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For ladder 19. For ladder 13.
For ladder 20. For ladder 12.
For ladder 1. For ladder 11.
For ladder 2. For ladder 10.
For ladder 3. For ladder 9.