POETIC V New Haven, CT, 22nd -26th September 2014

Preliminary workshop agenda.

For a pdf file of this agenda, please click here

Monday (22. Sep.)
8:30 registration
9:00 John Harris Welcome and Introduction
9:15 Rodolfo Sassot Status of gluon polarization studies and prospects at an EIC
9:45 John Londergan Intrinsic sea quarks in the nucleon
10:15 coffee
10:45 Wally Melnitchouk Spin dependent parton distributions at large x
11:15 Martin Hentschinski On the physical DGLAP evolution of structure functions
11:45 Marco Stratmann Nuclear PDFs: Status and Prospects
12.15 lunch
14:00 Ian Cloet Status of the EMC effect
14:30 Mark Strikman Triggering on Exotic Fock states in nuclei at large x
15:00 Boris Kopeliovich Electron collisions with polarized protons in vicinity of pion pole
15:30 coffee
16:00 Thomas Ullrich Yale Physics Club (Colloquium)
17:30 Welcome reception
Tuesday (23. Sep.)
9:00 Andrea Bressan Measurements of transverse momentum dependent effects in COMPASS
9:30 Patrizia Rossi SIDIS asymmetries at JLab
10:00 Harut Avagyan Di-hadron measurements at JLab
10:30 coffee
11:00 JH Lee Di-hadron correlations at a future EIC
11:30 Frank Sabatie Experimental status of studies of GPDs
12.00 lunch
14:00 Jianwei Qiu Jettiness in e+A collisions
14:30 Misak Sargsian Short-range NN correlations at JLab, future EIC + in astrophysics
15:00 Hongxi Xing NLO computations of pT-broadening and proof of twist-4 factorization
15:30 coffee
16:00 Sebastian Baunack Strangeness contribution to the nucleon form factors
16:30 Georges Azuelos Higgs and BSM physics at the LHeC
17:00 discussion (topic TBA)
Wednesday (24. Sep.)
9:00 Bob McKeown Physics Opportunities and Capabilities at MEIC
9:30 Berndt Mueller Physics Opportunities and Capabilities at eRHIC
10:00 Dario Pellegrini The LHeC Project
10:30 coffee
11:00 Anna Stasto High Parton Density Physics at an LHeC
11:30 Alex Kovner Small-x physics and JIMWLK at NLO
12.00 lunch
14:00 Christian Weiss Probing chiral dynamis at an EIC
14:30 Maxim Polyakov Chiral theory for GPDs
15:00 Andreas Schafer Lattice studies of GPDs and TMDs
15:30 coffee
16:00 Matt Sievert Orbital angular momentum and the Sivers sign flip
16:30 Stan Brodsky Higgs and BSM physics at the LHeC
17:00 discussion (topic TBA)
Thursday (25. Sep.)
9:00 Piet Mulders Color Entanglement and universality of TMDs
9:30 Alexei Prokudin Transverse single spin asymmetries and TMD evolution
10:00 Feng Yuan TMDs at small x
10:30 coffee
11:00 Zhongbo Kang QCD evolution of TMDs
11:30 Andreas Metz Linearly polarized gluons in nuclei
12:00 lunch
14:00 Adrian Dumitru Prospects in pA collisions: What will we learn about CGC at hadron colliders in future
14:30 Yuri Kovchegov Next-to-leading log small-x evolution
15:00 Amir Rezaeian Di-photon production from the CGC
15:30 coffee
16:00 Tuomas Lappi Diffractive Physics at an EIC
16:30 Ivan Vitev Jet quenching and Soft Collinear Effective Theory
17:00 discussion (topic TBA)
19:00? Social dinner
Friday(26. Sep.)
9:00 Barbara Jacak Why a card-carrying heavy ion physicist is really excited about the EIC
9:30 Soeren Schlichting The initial state and thermalization in A+A collisions
10:00 Anna Sta´sto Collinear + small-x factorization of inclusive hadron production in pA
10:30 coffee
11:00 Mickey Chiu Results from d+Au collisions at RHIC and prospects in p+Au
11:30 Megan Connors Latest Results and Prospects from pPb collisions at the LHC
12.00 lunch
14:00 Joakim Nystrand Results from UPC in pA and AA at RHIC and LHC