//:Description: SVT dimensions 
//:Update frequncy:
//:Recall frequency:
//:Size of Data:
//:Pointer to data:


struct svtDimensions {

  //  type varnam;    //Units : Comments

  double barrelRadius[3];       //cm : 

  double supportBeThickness;
  double supportBeWidth;
  double frameAlLength;
  double frameAlThickness;
  double frameAlWidth;
  double frameCsLength;
  double frameCsThickness;
  double frameCsWidth;
  double frameSiLength;
  double frameSiThickness;
  double frameSiWidth;
  double frameTotalLength;
  double frameTotalThickness;
  double frameTotalWidth;

  double distanceInjector[4]; //cm : Distance from anodes to injection lines. Index 0 is the closest to anodes