//:Description: Drift Velocity values 
//:Update frequncy:
//:Recall frequency:
//:Size of Data:
//:Pointer to data:


struct svtDriftVelocity {

  //  type varnam;    //Units : Comments

  double injectionDriftVelocity[240];       // cm/us : from charge injection in drift region (per anode)
  double injectionDriftVelocityFocus[240];  // cm/us : from charge injection in Focusing region (per anode)
  double focusRegionLength[240];            // cm    : Focusing region length (per anode)
  double averageDriftVelocity[240];         // cm/us : from maximum distance (per anode)
  double devLinearFit[240][500];            // cm    : deviation from Linear fit of the drift velocity (per anode, 500 points in drift distance direction)