//:Description: electronic signal characteristics 
//:Update frequncy:
//:Recall frequency:
//:Size of Data:
//:Pointer to data:  


struct svtElectronics {

  //  type varnam;    //Units : Comments

  int    numberOfAnodes;           // 
  int    numberOfTimeBins;         // 
  int    numberOfInjectionLines;   // 
  double timeBinInjector[4];   // Time bin correspondent to injection lines.
  double errorTimeBinInjector; // time bin for ith injection line = timeBinInjector[i] +/- errorTimeBinInjector
  double nominalGain;              // mV/fC
  double samplingFrequency;        // MHz
  double tZero;                    // us (microseconds)
  double adcCharge;                // fC/adc count
  double adcConversion;            // mV/adc count
  double a, b;                     // drift velocity parameters: v2 = a*v1 - b