Estimation of EEMC Pi0 Detection Efficiency Using Embedding
Maintained by Wei-Ming Zhang


Major: to test embedding

Minor: to estimate Pi0 detection efficiency


daq: 2 files of Y2005 (R6135013 and R6175010) with a total of 2K events

fzd: 2 files of Jason's MC data with 1 Pi0 per event (3 GeV/C < Pt < 9 GeV/C, 0.8 < Eta < 2.2)

vertex: Mock

Embedding Program

Version9.1 (under Jan's review)

Pi0 Program

Program: Jason's StEEmcPi0Mixer of 09/2005

Cut: Default + 90 MeV < inv-mass < 190 MeV


Embedding: Run bfcMixer.C w/ and w/o embedding (geom=2005b)

Pi0 Analysis : Run StEEmcPi0Mixer on two MuDst outputs from embedding

Efficiency: Excess of Pi0 candidates of w/ embedding over w/o


Figure 1 shows event counts and where Pi0s are lost.

Fig. 1 Event Counts

Figure 2 shows an excess of pair photons of w/ embedding over w/o in their invariant mass spectrum.

Fig. 2 Invariant Mass of Photon pairs

Figure 3 shows detetion efficiecy of Pi0.

Fig. 3 Detetion Efficiency of Pi0


EEMC embedding works.

Estimated detection efficiency is little higher than, but roughly agrees with Weihong's result.


To work on EEMC AssociationMaker

To estimate detection efficiecy with EEMC AssociatoinMaker