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These pages are not meant as a replacement for the relevant pages on the STAR computing web. Here we list the general goals of MDC4 and provide information of general interest. This page can only become useful if all particpants contribute. MDC4 is still in the planning stage. If you have information which you think might help others preparing or particpating in MDC4 please let me know.


MDC4 will be a STAR-only exercise directed at data reconstruction ad physics analysis, exercising reconstruction software, physics analysis software, infrastructure and CRS/CAS tools and facilities. The focus is on new detectors added for the run FY01/FY02 (EMC, FTPC, SVT, TOF) and the new physics capabilities provided by them.

MDC4 is scheduled for April 26 - May 10, 2001.
The various Physics Working Groups (PWG) will provide more detailed documents on their specific goals and plans soon.

Input Datasets


  • MDC4 on the computing web with lots of info on infrastructure (disks etc)

Reconstruction and y2 Chain

CAS: Important Links

HyperNews forum

For MD4 related discussions please use the HyperNews forum for Offline production
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Results and studies

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For more see the STAR computing web page. There is plenty of information. This is only for pages you will need to visit more frequently than usual.

MDC4 ends in days, hours, minutes and seconds

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