These files include my local STAR Integration documentation

Official STAR Notes

  • CSN0121 - STAR Coordinate System
  • SN0148 - Preliminary STAR Grounding Plan
  • CSN0159 - Hardware Reliability Issues and Effects on Detector Performance, Repair and Maintenance
  • SN0191 - Clean AC Power Distribution for STAR
  • CSN202A - Grounding Requirements Document for STAR
  • SN0217 - Baseline Rack Requirements for the Platform
  • SN0220B - Temperature and Humidity Requirements for STAR
  • CSN0221B - Uninterruptible and Emergency Electrical Power Requirements for STAR
  • CSN0229B - STAR Geometry-Revised 9/99
  • SN0231 - Preliminary Platform Requirements for STAR
  • CSN0273A - Rack Assignments for Clean Power on the Platforms -Revised 3/99
  • SN0278 - Test of a STAR Standard VME Crate and a Heat Exchanger
  • CSN0279A - STAR Electrical Power Requirements -Revised 3/99
  • CSN0361A - Requirements for Safety Interlocks for the STAR Detector
  • SN0369A - Analysis of the Length of Optical Fiber Cables from the Detector to the DAQ Room
  • SN0378 - Acceptable Cables for use at STAR
  • SN0395 - A TPC test with varied gain

STAR Notes -Almost Approved


Some pictures of STAR. Please feel free to use them.