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The people and the collaboration

This work is part of STAR effort within the PPDG collaboration.

STAR is one of the RHIC experiment located at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The STAR collaboration includes many institutions all around the world.

PPDG is a collaboration between different Particle Physics experiment and computer science departments for the definition and promotion of GRID standards within the High Energy Physics community.

People actively involved in the development and maintenance of the project include:

  • Gabriele Carcassi - is the main person assigned to the project. His responsibilities include: requisite analysis; software design, implementation and testing; support; website and documentation; deployment at RCF.
  • Jerome Lauret - is the initiator of the project. His responsibilities include: check that the project is in line with STAR computing needs and other STAR GRID activities; he also collaborates in requisite analysis.
  • Eric Hjort - is responsible for the deployment at PDSF.

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