Interface Policy

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssignmentByQueueMonitorPolicy, ClusterAssignmentByMonitorPolicy, ClusterAssignmentByPercentagePolicy, DynamicConfigPolicy, PassivePolicy, ResonanceGroupPolicy, SiteForwardPolicy

public interface Policy

A policy to decide how and where a job should be dispatched. A policy class will be needed to create any scheduler.

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Gabriele Carcassi

Method Summary
 java.util.List assignTargetMachine(Request request)
          Decides how and where to run the job according to its requirements.

Method Detail


java.util.List assignTargetMachine(Request request)
Decides how and where to run the job according to its requirements. The policy has to fill in the process list of the job description. This will be used by the dispatcher to execute the job. A policy, therefore, will receive a JobRequest with no processes, and it should return a JobRequest with all the necessary processes created and fully configured.

The Policy is allowed to query the farm status, use the catalog and trigger file movements. It can slice the job into more than one process, according to, for example, where the input files are located.

request - the job description and its requirements

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