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Packages that use DispatcherChooser Core classes and interfaces that provide the skeleton components for scheduler. Contains classes specific to the BNL deployment. 

Uses of DispatcherChooser in

Methods in that return DispatcherChooser
 DispatcherChooser CompositeDispatcher.getChooser()
          Deprecated. Getter for property chooser.

Methods in with parameters of type DispatcherChooser
 void CompositeDispatcher.setChooser(DispatcherChooser chooser)
          Deprecated. Setter for property chooser.

Uses of DispatcherChooser in

Classes in that implement DispatcherChooser
 class ClusterDispatcherChooser
          Deprecated. Replaced by GenericCompositeDispatcher Chooses the dispatcher by looking at the cluster. It simply returns the cluster name associated to the job.
 class SimpleDispatcherChooser
          DEPRECATED: use ClusterAssignmentByPercentagePolicy instead.

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