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Packages that use LocalAccessPoint Core classes and interfaces that provide the skeleton components for scheduler. 

Uses of LocalAccessPoint in

Subclasses of LocalAccessPoint in
 class GateKeeperAccessPoint
          A configuration object used to describe how to access a site from a gatekeeper.

Methods in that return LocalAccessPoint
 LocalAccessPoint Job.getAccessPoint()
 LocalAccessPoint AccessMethod.getAssociatedAccessPoint()

Methods in with parameters of type LocalAccessPoint
 void Site.addAccessPoint(LocalAccessPoint accessPoint)
          This function should be called from the config file, it adds an access object (GateKeeperAccess, LocalAccess) to a access list.
 void AccessMethod.addAccessPoint(LocalAccessPoint AccessPoint)
 void Site.addLocalAccess(LocalAccessPoint localAccess)
          Used to add a local access point to this site, from which jobs can be submitted Note: This function is called from the config file.
 void Job.setAccessPoint(LocalAccessPoint accessPoint)

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