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Packages that use FileAssignment Contains all the policies being developed for the Scheduler. Contains all the copy selectors, that is the algorythms that select a copy of a file from the result of a query. 

Uses of FileAssignment in

Methods in that return FileAssignment
 FileAssignment AssignmentStrategy.assignFiles(Request job, QueryResult[] results, CatalogQuery[] queries, java.util.List fileList)
          Executes the strategy, by assigning all the copies of the files and creating a FileAssignment.
 FileAssignment SelectorAssignmentStrategy.assignFiles(Request request, QueryResult[] results, CatalogQuery[] queries, java.util.List fileList)

Methods in with parameters of type FileAssignment
 void FileAssignment.addAll(FileAssignment assignment)
          Adds an entire FileAssignment to the present.

Uses of FileAssignment in

Methods in with parameters of type FileAssignment
 int SingleCopySelector.selectCopy(QueryResult list, CatalogQuery query, FileAssignment assignment)
 int AllCopiesSelector.selectCopy(QueryResult list, CatalogQuery query, FileAssignment assignment)
 int XrootdMinMaxSingleCopySelector.selectCopy(QueryResult list, CatalogQuery query, FileAssignment assignment)
 int CopySelector.selectCopy(QueryResult list, CatalogQuery query, FileAssignment assignment)
          Selects the physical copies from the query result according to the parameters of the query, and puts them in the assignment.
 int MinMaxSingleCopySelector.selectCopy(QueryResult list, CatalogQuery query, FileAssignment assignment)
 int RootdMinMaxSingleCopySelector.selectCopy(QueryResult list, CatalogQuery query, FileAssignment assignment)

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