Class CopySelectorFactory

  extended by

public class CopySelectorFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Selects which Copyselector should be used for the given query. The factory allows different CopySelectors to be built, and used in different circumstances. It makes the code more manageble and mantainable.

Gabriele Carcassi & Pavel Jakl

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static CopySelector createCopySelector(CatalogQuery query, Request request)
          Returns the Copy selector to be used on a given query of a given request.
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Constructor Detail


public CopySelectorFactory()
Method Detail


public static CopySelector createCopySelector(CatalogQuery query,
                                              Request request)
Returns the Copy selector to be used on a given query of a given request. Parameters of the query and the request are used to determine which CopySelector to use. For example, if singleCopy="false" in the query, then AllCopiesSelector will be used; if minFilesPerProcess is specified, than MinMaxSingleCopySelector is used.

query - the query on which result the selection should be made
request - the request that contained the query
the CopySelector to use

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