STAR   Computing


6-7 March 2002 ITTF Integration Workshop




The meeting was held at BNL on Friday, June 21st starting at 2PM. The 2 main goals of this meeting were

  1. Have and opened discussion on what is done, what is missing etc ... This part was a chance to all to bring youtheir opinion, views, feedback and/or support to the ITTF team before we go on the straight line toward the project's review planned for mid-september.
  2. Present to the beta-testers what will be provided and has been pre-processed for them and get the tester team jump started on the evaluation process.

The agenda was

As an extraneous ITTF related work, Lee wnated to present a status of the V0 and Xi finder.  PPT


In addition of the presentation, several suggestions were made and action planned identified.
  1. Add an enum to StEvent to distinguish kKalmanFitId and kIntegratedTracker.
  2. Make sure that the documentation of all enum is clear and outline plan for future expansion
  3. Complete dE/dx calculation into Sti
  4. Include new vertex finder
  5. Solve seg fault problem in StiStEventFiller
  6. Include methods to return the number of points on tracks on a per detector basis
  7. Complete PID traits
  8. Include a mechanism to allow StEvent to call Sti track interpolator/extrapolator (Helen's suggestion)
  9. Integration of the V0 finder (Gene/Lee/Julien)
  10. Several pass of tracking within the same chain requested

Extra testers were suggested as per an extension of the Cluster Finder beta-testers and identified as

The testers would be provided both Hijing and real reconstructed events, in event.root and Common Micro-DST format.

From the opened discussion, one action item was, mainly due to Quark Matter, that we would reschedule the review date to the second week of September. Manpower for dE/dx study was clearly stated (but no volonteer yet).