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STAR computing web pages are developed and maintained by many STAR collaborators. Pages in the style of this one were usually initially designed by Torre Wenaus . Since 2002, they are maintained by Jerome Lauret unless otherwise noted. If you maintain one of these pages, please declare the fact in the header.

Development and maintenance of the computing web infrastructure is by Jerome Lauret.

STAR collaborators are encouraged to modify and/or add pages. Please let me know in general terms what you're doing. Let me know of any access problems, space limitations etc. To gain ACL access all you have to do is ask.

The template for these pages is here. If you use it, edit the header material appropriately. There are STAR logos and other images in the images directory.

Information on the location of web files is here.

The following remark refers to web pages in the style of this one. Important: These web pages have been created as HTML sources. However, it appears that the most recent WYSIWYG editors also do an acceptable job in creating HTML. The computing homepage is one example. If you modify computing web-pages, please either edit these pages with a text editor or be very sure about what you are doing or contact the Web Master for help.

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