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SVT Alignment and June 2006 review

Summary pages

SVT+SSD Alignment, Run VII (2007)


Software for Tracking Upgrade (Challenge week 01/17/06-01/24/06)


Result of Kolmogorov's tests for QA histograms for different versions of STAR codes

  1. with dev (August 13, 2005),
  2. with dev (August 27,2005),
  3. with new (SL05f, August 27,2005).
  4. with new (SL05f, August 27,2005).
  5. with dev (August 27,2005, before update bfc) and dev (September 1, 2005).
  6. with dev2 without and with pgf.

New STAR magnetic field

When and what dEdx Prediction for P10 has to be used

Reconstruction plans

Usage of Truth information in reconstruction.

STAR track flags.


integration week January 2004

p-p software workshop at BNL 2001/11/19

Final Agenda and Talks . Minutes from the meeting are here.

Integrated Tracking Task Force (ITTF)

The official web cite maintained by Claude Pruneau is here .
See also the STAR Kalman filter documentation created by Claude Pruneau.

LBL Tracking review report

Available in MS-WORD and PDF format. Some talks given are linked here.

Kalman in BABAR

A note on Kalman is here in .ps format.

Kalman in ATLAS

Igor Gavrilenko's presentation for 5/22/00 in power point format, ATLAS internal note with xKalman description.

Spiros talk on video meeting about it on June/2/2000 is here in power point format.

Kalman in STAR

A preliminary writeup of the Kalman implementation in STAR in use during 2001.

Flagging scheme for tracks failing Kalman fitter (Al Saulys)

Current Work on Tracking/Fitting Tools

The group is currently looking into some of the options for improving the global tracking and fitting. These options include an implementation of GEANE as a universal track propagation engine, providing an interface between tracking and geometry/material info, and using Kalman filtering techniques to obtain the best estimation of track parameters.

Kalman Tracking/Fitting Tools

Kalman literature (Spiros Margetis)

Kalman Fitter Evaluation page-I (Al Saulys)

Kalman Fitter Evaluation page-II (Lee Barnby)

Kalman Fitter for V0 search (Al Saulys)