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Introduction to Geant4

Geant4 is a complete redesign and rewrite of the Geant3 simulation package using C++ and object oriented technology. The project (CERN RD44) was initiated in 1994 by the CERN Geant team led by Simone Giani and is being undertaken by an international collaboration of over 70 physicists representing most major current and upcoming HEP experiments. Geant4 is being continuously compared through its development with the frozen Geant3.21, with the objective of producing by the end of 1998 a validated public release that betters Geant 3.21 in terms of physics, performance and capabilities. The complementary RD45 Project is developing a persistent object manager for HEP and will provide Geant4's object persistency (I/O). Geant4 is allied with the LHC++/CLHEP project to develop a standard suite of C++ classes and development/analysis tools for HEP.

Geant4 Background and Related Information

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