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Using GRID to run the STAR simulation

This page is meant to serve as a quick technical reference and will be continuously updated.

Quick facts

GRID host at BNL: stargrid04
GRID host at PDSF: pdsfgrid2

To check who is authorized to use grid one can look at the map file:

A typical set of aliases for GRID work:

gbnllsf /afs/rhic/star/users/starjobs/bin/star-grid-submit -policy BNLPolicy -dispatcher gridBNLDispatcher
gclean  globus-job-clean -force
gcp     globus-url-copy -p 3 -vb file:
gcpPDSF globus-url-copy  gsi
gerr    globus-job-get-output -err 
ghelp   alias | grep ^g
gkill   condor_rm 
gkillall        condor_rm -all
glsf    globus-job-submit
gout    globus-job-get-output -out 
gpdsflsf        /afs/rhic/star/users/starjobs/bin/star-grid-submit -policy PDSFPolicy -dispatcher gridPDSFDispatcher
gps     condor_q
grun    globus-job-run
gstat   globus-job-status 
gsubmit globus-job-submit

Complete set of the grid utilities is located in /usr/vdt/globus/bin/. Before doing any grid operations, a proxy must be created with the command grid-proxy-init. File containing among other things the policy definition:


Last updated by Maxim Potekhin on 04/29/2004