Starsim : STAR detector simulation tool


Starsim is a framework designed for the STAR detector simulation using the GEANT simulation package. The simulation program is an enhanced version of the interactive GEANT (GPAW), controled via KUIP interface.  The Starsim package consists of a set of .g modules (text files), each providing description of the:
  • geometry of different subsystems of the STAR detector , like Beam pipe, Silicon Vertex Tracker, TPC etc...
  • procedure to perform operations like i/o, particle generation, on-flight analysis etc. under user control.
Starsim accepts interactive commands or KUIP kumac files. There are few examples of kumac files in $STAR/kumacs/sim directory. Among these, have a look in the material.kumac - it allows to get material distribution plots in any STAR subsystem or combination of subsystems. Starsim accepts different types of input files and produces output in a file, with the platform independent FZ format. The contents of FZ files can be read in ROOT.

STAR Geometry

Starsim/GSTAR user manual

Please keep in mind that large part of teh following material is legacy documentation and sometimes makes references to GSTAR, which was a prototype for the current system, the Starsim. That is not a problem because of a large degree of backward compatibility in Starsim, so all the information is still valid. Also

Examples of KUMAC macros

Advanced Geometry Interface

Also available in Postscript version

Various Notes and Additional information

E-mail the author of the original GSTAR package: Pavel Nevski, or the STAR simulation leader Maxim Potekhin