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Executive Summary

KAI C++ enables unparalleled programmer productivity by providing

If you have a project that

then you should try out KAI C++ in your build environment with our 30-day, fully supported, free trial period.

Programmer Productivity

The powerful features of KAI C++ will make programmers more efficient. The advanced optimizations allow programmers to take full advantage of object-oriented design and software reuse without worrying about performance, because KAI C++ makes objects almost as efficient as hand-coded C. Programmers will spend less time trying to correct performance problems, and instead deliver code that is intuitive and easy to maintain.

Plus, programmers will be able to port code to all of the supported platforms without having to re-write it to conform to a different compiler's implementation of C++ features. This makes KAI C++ essential to anyone who wants fast cross-platform portability.

The KAI C++ Debugger provides a platform independent debugging interface and debugging capabilities designed specifically for C++.

Customer Support

When you buy KAI C++, you get more than just the best C++ compiler. You also receive KAI's comprehensive and extremely responsive customer support.

Programmers communicate directly with our support engineers via e-mail to: report problems, receive work arounds and fixes, and make suggestions for future capabilities.

When a bug in KAI C++ is encountered, a corrected version can usually be downloaded within a few days.

We will help you integrate KAI C++ into your development and product build environment.

Highlighted Features

KAI C++ provides a very high degree of conformance to published standards. This short list of known deviations from the C++ standard are the only known shortcomings.

ISO Standard Syntax

ISO Standard C++ Class Library

Usability Features

Supported Platforms

KAI C++ is available on Check the download page for more complete information on the hardware and software versions supported.

KAI has ports in final testing for some systems. We would be happy to notify you when ports become available. Just send e-mail to c++support@kai.com if you are interested in these ports:

Send e-mail to c++support@kai.com if you are interested in KAI C++ on another platform.


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