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The Elements of Programming Style, Second Edition
Brian W. Kernighan and P.J. Plauger
McGraw-Hill, 1978 --- $43
ISBN 0-07-034207-5

The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version, 2nd Edition, 272 p.
Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M.Ritchie
Prentice-Hall, 1988 --- $42
ISBN 0-13-110362-8

The Draft Standard C++ Library
P.J. Plauger
Prentice-Hall, 1995 --- $49
ISBN 0-13-117003-1

The Standard C Library
Prentice-Hall, August 1991 --- $53
ISBN 0-13-131509-9
Very useful for writing portable C code, this book lists the functions and header files in the Standard C Library. - E. Foster-Johnson in "UNIX Programming Tools"

UNIX System Administration Handbook, Second Edition
Evi Nemith et al.
Prentice-Hall, 1995 --- $55
ISBN 0-13-151051-7
Excellent practical guide to UNIX system administration, obviously written by people who've really done it; covers major UNIX flavors. Includes a CD-ROM with a long list of useful freeware, both for users and system managers. - R.Bossingham

Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets
Peter van der Linden
Sun Press/Prentice-Hall, June 1994 --- $39
ISBN 0-13-177429-8
Everyone's second book on C. Unix Review gave it "5 stars". "Expert C Programming" teaches you the tips and techniques used by the very best C programmers in the world. Based on a decade in Sun's compiler and OS groups." - Java programmers FAQ bibliography. More info at and

Designing Object-Oriented Applications Using The Booch Method
Robert C. Martin
Prentice-Hall, March 1995 --- $52
ISBN 0-13-203837-4
The BaBar Bible, basis of the design course taken by all BaBar software developers. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

C++ and C Tools, Utilities, Libraries and Resources - Free and Commercial Software Tools
David Spuler
Prentice-Hall, 1996 --- $50
ISBN 0-13-226697-0
Thin, concise, and not very cheap, but an easy way to find out what's available; includes a CD-ROM with numerous freeware tools. - R.Bossingham

C: A Reference Manual, Fourth Edition
Samuel P. Harbison and Guy L. Steele, Jr.
Prentice-Hall, 1995 --- $40
ISBN 0-13-326224-3

Fortran 90: A Reference Guide
Luc Chamberland
Prentice-Hall, September 1995 --- $49
ISBN 0-13-397332-8
Seems to be a good, readable reference covering the F77 and F90 standards and the differences between them. - R.Bossingham

Portable Shell Programming:
An Extensive Collection of Bourne Shell Examples Bruce Blinn
Hewlett-Packard Professional Books
Prentice-Hall, November 1995 --- $35
ISBN 0-13-451494-7

Unix Shells by Example
Ellie Quigley
Prentice-Hall, 1997 --- $50
ISBN 0-13-460866-6
Covers sh, ksh, csh, awk, sed, and grep. Several reader reviews mention typos and give the book mediocre reviews. - R.Bossingham

UNIX Network Programming, Vol. 1 - Networking API's: Sockets and XTI, Second Edition
W. Richard Stevens
Prentice-Hall, 1997 --- $62
ISBN 0-13-490012-X
Another great book from Stevens on programming network applications, this book provides a great deal of C source code for network tasks. - E.Foster-Johnson in "UNIX Programming Tools"

The Windows 95 Black Box: Tips & Tricks for Windows Mastery, 464 pgs.
- Rob Young
Prentice-Hall, 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-13-616558-3
Covers many obscure, but useful, features of Windows 95. Intended for intermediate or advanced Windows 95 users. - R.Bossingham

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, Second Edition, 650 p.
Brent B. Welsh
Prentice-Hall, 1997 --- $42
ISBN 0-13-616830-2

Object-Oriented Modeling and Design
James Rumbaugh et al.
Prentice-Hall, 1991 --- $65
ISBN 0-13-629841-9
The STAR SAS group standard is based on this book. - R.Bossingham

Linux A-Z: From the Basics through Advanced System Administration and Programming
Phil Cornes
Prentice-Hall, January 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-13-742867-7
Best Linux Book Yet. - Tom Yager (May 1997 book review in Byte Magazine)

Core Java 1.1 - Vol. 1 - Fundamentals
Cay Horstmann and Gary Corwell
Prentice-Hall, 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-13-766957-7
Probably the best overall introduction to Java for experienced programmers. - E. Foster-Johnson, in "UNIX Programming Tools."

Just Java and Beyond 1.1 (Java Series), Third Ed., 600 pages
Peter van der Linden
Sun Press/Prentice-Hall, Nov. 1997 --- $45
ISBN 0-13-784174-4
An introduction to Java Programming, for people who can already program in another language. Filled with common sense examples, and anecdotes from the computer industry. Learning Java is enjoyable, stimulating fun with this book. Comes with a CD including the compiler and sample code. Covers Java 1.0 and 1.1, with a preview of Java 1.2. - Java programmers FAQ bibliography. More info at and

Graphic Java: Mastering the AWT, Second Edition
David M. Geary and Alan L. McClellan
Prentice-Hall, July 1997 --- $50
ISBN 0-13-863077-1
Just about every application these days requires a graphic user interface, and this book covers the means to that end: the Abstract Window Toolkit, or AWT. - E. Foster-Johnson in "UNIX Programming Tools"

Not Just Java
Peter van der Linden
Sun Press/Prentice-Hall, 1997 --- $35
ISBN 0-13-864638-4
This should be your first book on Java - and it doesn't teach Java programming. Instead, this book describes the trends and implications of Java and related technologies. Clear explanations with diagrams covering Java, CORBA, thin clients, network computers, RMI, multi-tier systems, Java threads, ActiveX, OLE, JavaBeans, JDBC, etc. For engineers, executives, and all the job titles in between. - Java programmers FAQ bibliography. More info at and

Text Processing and Typesetting with UNIX
David Barron and Mike Rees
Addison-Wesley, 1987 --- (out of print)
ISBN 0-201-14219-8
This book covers nroff and troff, two UNIX text-formatting packages, along with eqn, neqn, and pic preprocessors. - E. Foster-Johnson in "UNIX Programming Tools"

UML Reference Manual
Booch, Jacobson, Rumbaugh
Addison-Wesley, 1998 --- $44
ISBN 0-201-30998-X
To be published Oct. 1, 1998.

A Guide to LaTeX2E: Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users, 2nd Edition, 554 pages
Helmut Kopka and Patrick W. Daly
Addison-Wesley, 1995 --- $37
ISBN 0-201-42777-X

Designing and Coding Reusable C++
Martin D. Carroll and Margaret A. Ellis
Addison-Wesley, 1995 --- $40
ISBN 0-201-51284-X
Considerations in developing library code in C++: making code portable to many platforms, usable, reusable. Very applicable to what we do. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

Algorithms in C
Robert Sedgewick
Addison-Wesley, 1992 --- $43
ISBN 0-201-51425-7

The Annotated C++ Reference Manual (ANSI Base Document), 3rd Edition
Margaret A. Ellis and Bjarne Stroustrup
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1990 --- $56
ISBN 0-201-51459-1
A daunting book covering the definition of the C++ language. If you want to know why C++ alternatives like Java are so popular, read this book. - E.Foster-Johnson in "UNIX Programming Tools"

Scientific and Engineering C++ - An Introduction with Advanced Techniques and Technical Usage
John J. Barton and Lee R. Nackman
Addison-Wesley, 1994 --- $56
ISBN 0-201-53393-6
Excellent book for Fortranists. Used by Paul Kunz for his course. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

The Design and Evolution of C++
Bjarne Stroustrup
Addison-Wesley, 1994 --- $31
ISBN 0-201-54330-3
Why C++ is the way it is, and why it is such a good scientific programming language. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

C++ Primer, Third Edition, 1072 pgs.
Stanley B. Lippman and Josee Lajoie
Addison-Wesley, April 1998 --- $46
ISBN 0-201-82470-1
Brings Stanley Lippman's classic primer up to date with ANSI C++, Rel. 3; the comments below refer to the Lippman text, SECOND edition. -- R.Bossingham
One of the two "best-of-breed C++ legality guides" listed in the C++ FAQ. "Very readable/approachable...excellent overview of almost every language notch, gold plated, excellent books...excellent sales record... If you don't know C, Lippman's book is better for you [than Stroustrup's]."
A very popular general C++ book. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
W. Richard Stevens
Addison-Wesley, June 1992 --- $64
ISBN 0-201-56317-7
By far the best UNIX programming book - E.Foster-Johnson, in "UNIX Programming Tools"

GNU Emacs
M.A. Schoonover, J.S. Bowie, W.A. Arnold
Addison-Wesley, 1992 --- $45
ISBN 0-201-56345-2

UML User Guide
Booch, Jacobson, Rumbaugh
Addison-Wesley, 1998 --- $47
ISBN 0-201-57168-4
To be published June 1, 1998.

C++ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions, 461 pgs.
Marshall P. Cline and Greg A. Lomow
Addison-Wesley, 1995 --- $37
ISBN 0-201-58958-3
One of the three "best-of-breed C++ morality guides" listed in the C++ FAQ. "Covers 470 topics in a FAQ-like Q&A format...extensively illustrated with code examples...excellent, insightful, useful, gold plated... excellent sales record...examples are complete, working programs rather than code fragments or standalone classes."

Effective C++, 224 pgs.
Scott Meyers
Addison-Wesley, 1992 --- $39
ISBN 0-201-56364-9
Covers 50 topics in a short essay format. This is on of the three "best-of-breed C++ morality guides" listed in the C++ FAQ. (The companion volume is another one.) "(This) book [is] extensively illustrated with code examples...excellent, insightful, useful, gold plated...excellent sales record... contains numerous line-drawings that illustrate the points."
Lots of useful tips and techniques. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

Tcl and the Tk Toolkit
John Ousterhout
Addison-Wesley, 1994 --- $42
ISBN 0-201-63337-X
Comprehensive introduction to Tcl/Tk by its creator. - R.Bossingham

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Erich Gamma et al.
Addison-Wesley, July 1995 --- $50
Also on CD-ROM.
ISBN 0-201-63361-2
Describes patterns that commonly show up in good OO designs. You must read this book if you intend to do OO design work. - C++ FAQ
A neat book covering object-oriented design in any language. Unlike most such books, this one is full of practical examples. - Eric F. Johnson in "UNIX Programming Tools"
Made a very big impact, and with reason. A cookbook of class designs for particular generic applications. Excellent. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

The Java Programming Language
Ken Arnold and James Gosling
Addison-Wesley, 1996 --- $35
CD-ROM version of book.
ISBN 0-201-63455-4
At the right level for someone who already knows something about programming and is comfortable reading a fortran manual. - James Symons

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Erich Gamma et al.
CD-ROM version of book.
Addison-Wesley, 1997 --- $30
ISBN 0-201-63498-8

More Effective C++, 336 pgs.
Scott Meyers
Addison-Wesley, 1996 --- $39
ISBN 0-201-63371-X
Covers 35 topics in a short essay format. This is on of the three "best-of-breed C++ morality guides" listed in the C++ FAQ. (Another one is the companion volume.) "This book [is] extensively illustrated with code examples...excellent, insightful, useful, gold plated...excellent sales record... contains numerous line-drawings that illustrate the points."
Lots of useful tips and techniques. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)

Inside the C++ Object Model
Stanley B. Lippman
Addison-Wesley, 1996 --- $34
ISBN 0-201-83454-5
Interesting and educational look deep into the guts of how C++ works. (star_computing)

The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, 322 pages
Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Addison-Wesley, 1995 --- $25
ISBN 0-201-83595-9
The classic. - R.Bossingham

The C++ Programming Language, Third Edition, 910 p.
Bjarne Stroustrup
Addison-Wesley, July 1997 --- $45
ISBN 0-201-88954-4
The Bible, just updated to ANSI final draft. - T.Wenaus (star_computing)
One of the two "best-of-breed C++ legality guides" mentioned in the C++ FAQ. "Covers a lot of ground...excellent overview of almost every language notch, gold plated, excellent books...excellent sales record... If you know C and you want to cover a lot of ground quickly, Stroustrup's book is better for you [than Lippman's]."

A practical Guide to Linux
Mark G. Sobell
Addison-Wesley, June 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-201-89549-8

The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1:
Fundamental Algorithms, Third Edition
Addison-Wesley, 1997 --- $49
ISBN 0-201-89683-4

The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 2:
Seminumerical Algorithms, Third Edition
Addison-Wesley, 1997 --- $49
ISBN 0-201-89684-2

The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 3:
Sorting and Searching
Addison-Wesley, 1998 --- $49 (not yet available)
ISBN 0-201-89685-0

Data Compression - The Complete Reference
David Salomon
Springer-Verlag, December 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-387-98280-9

General and readable, covering Huffman, arithmetic, LZ methods, JPEG, etc. Lots of concrete examples. A few typos. - R. Bossingham

The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis
Raj Jain
Wiley, 1991 --- $70
ISBN 0-471-50336-3

This large book has many useful tips for analyzing performance. - E. Foster-Johnson, in "UNIX Programming Tools"

UML Toolkit, 416 pages
H-E. Eriksson and M. Penker
John Wiley and Sons, 1998 --- $50
ISBN 0-471-19161-2
UML (Unified Modeling Language) is the standard that supercedes and encompasses Booch, CRC and others - Gulshan Rai.

This book seems to be a good discussion of the UML, and includes a CD-ROM with all UML models and Java code in the book. - R.Bossingham

Numerical Recipes in Fortran:
The Art of Scientific Computing, Second Edition
(Fortran Numerical Recipes, Vol.1)
W.H.Press et al.
Cambridge University Press, October 1992 --- $55
ISBN 0-521-43064-X

Paperback version
Cambridge University Press, February 1993 --- $40
ISBN 0-521-43716-4 A "must buy" - G.Rai.

Numerical Recipes in C, Second Edition, 994 pgs.
W. H. Press, S. A. Teukolsky, W. T. Vetterling, and B. P. Flannery
Cambridge University Press, 1993 --- $55
ISBN 0-521-43108-5

Numerical Recipes Example Book (C), Second Edition, 994 pgs.
William T. Vetterling, Saul A. Teukolsky, William H. Press
Cambridge University Press, 1993 --- $30
ISBN 0-521-43720-2

Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90:
The Art of Parallel Scientific Computing
(Fortran Numerical Recipes, Vol.2)
W.H.Press et al.
Cambridge University Press, 1996 --- $45
ISBN 0-521-57439-0 A "must buy" - G.Rai.

Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows NT 4 Workstation
Peter Norton and John Paul Mueller
Sams Publishing, 1996 --- $40
ISBN 0-672-30901-7
Seems comprehensive, but readable; however, the one customer review is negative (3/10), and recommends "Windows NT At a Glance" by Microsoft Press, as a better alternative. - R.Bossingham

Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows 95
Peter Norton and John Mueller
Sams Publishing, 1996 --- $35
ISBN 0-672-31040-6
Comprehensive. - R.Bossingham

Complete Red Hat Linux
Linux Operating Sys. Cmd.
Sams Publishing, August 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-672-31057-0

Maximum RPM
Edward C. Bailey
Sams Publishing, August 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-672-31105-4
(RPM = Red Hat Package Manager)

Red Hat Linux Unleashed (with CD-ROM)
Kamran Husain/Timothy Parker
Sams Publishing, June 1996 --- $50
ISBN 0-672-30962-9

Red Hat Linux Unleashed: The Comprehensive Solutions Package
David Pitts
Sams Publishing, December 1997 --- $40
ISBN 0-672-31173-9

Discover Windows 95
Dan Gookin and Sandra Gookin
IDG Books, March 1997 --- $20
ISBN 0-7645-3078-X
Good introductory book, numerous summary tables. - R.Bossingham

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, Second Edition
Grady Booch
Benjamin/Commins, 1994 --- $62
ISBN 0-8053-5340-2
This is a serious book with serious discussions of the object model and the various object-oriented languages. Unfortunately, written pre-Java but still useful. - James Symons

Linux Network Administrator's Guide
Olaf Kirch
Specialized Systems Consultants, Dec. 1996 --- $19
ISBN 0-916151-75-1

Inside Linux: A Look at Operating System Development
Randolph Bentson
Specialized Systems Consultants, March 1996 --- $22
ISBN 0-916151-89-1

I have yet to see a more eloquent, high-level description of an operating system, Linux or any other.
- Miles O'Neal, UNIX Review, June 1997.

Learning the vi Editor (Nutshell Series)
Linda Lamb
O'Reilly and Assoc., October 1990 --- $25
ISBN 0-937175-67-6

Checking C Programs with lint, 84 p. (Nutshell Series)
Ian F. Darwin
O'Reilly and Assoc., 1988 --- $13
ISBN 0-937175-30-7

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Edward R. Tufte
Graphics Press, 1992 --- $40
ISBN 0-961-39210-X
Emphasizes the design of useful graphics, interfaces, charts, tables. - R.Bossingham

Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules, 647 pages
Steve McConnell
Microsoft Press, 1996 --- $35
ISBN 1-55615-900-5
A best seller on software scheduling, warmly reviewed. - R.Bossingham

C in Plain English
Brian Overland
MIS:Press (subsidiary of Henry Holt and Co.), 1995 --- $20
ISBN 1-55828-430-3

Linux: Configuration and Installation (3rd Edition)
Patrick Volkerding, Kevin Reichard, Eric Foster-Johnson
MIS: Press, Jul, 1997 --- $40
ISBN 1-55828-566-0

UNIX Programming Tools
Eric Foster-Johnson
M&T Books, February 1997 --- $35
ISBN 1-55851-482-1
Nice discussions of the practical tools needed by serious programmers; includes CD-ROM with numerous freeware tools, such as Perl 5, tkCVS, etc. Table of contents for book and CD-ROM (and links) exists online. - R.Bossingham

Graphical Applications with Tcl and Tk
E. F. Johnson
M&T Books, 1996 --- $40
ISBN 1-55851-471-6
Covers Tcl 7.5 and Tk 4.1; includes CD-ROM with Tcl and tools. - R.Bossingham

Cross-Platform Perl
E. F. Johnson
M&T Books, 1996 --- $35
ISBN 1-55851-483-X
Emphasizes Perl on Unix and Windows NT. Includes CD-ROM with Perl and tools. - R.Bossingham

UNIX in a Nutshell
Daniel Gilly et al.
O'Reilly and Assoc., August 1994 --- $20
ISBN 1-56592-001-5

Using csh and tcsh (Nutshell Handbook
Paul DuBois
O'Reilly and Assoc., August 1995 --- $25
ISBN 1-56592-132-1

Programming Perl, Second Edition," 670 pages
Larry Wall (Editor), Tom Christiansen and Randal L. Schwartz
O'Reilly and Assoc., 1996 --- $40
ISBN 1-56592-149-6
This very dense book contains a lot of useful information by the creator of Perl, Larry Wall. Much of this material comes from the on-line Perl reference material, but it provides may interesting Perl scripts you can use for ideas and examples. The updated version covers Perl 5. (E. Foster-Johnson, in "UNIX Programming Tools"
Best seller, warmly reviewed. Many call it THE Perl book to buy. - R.Bossingham

Running Linux
Matt Welsh and Lar Kaufman
O'Reilly and Assoc., August 1996 --- $30
ISBN 1-56592-151-8

Linux in a Nutshell
Jessica Perry Hekman
O'Reilly and Assoc., February 1997 --- $20
ISBN 1-56592-167-4

Perl 5 Desktop Reference
Johan Vromans
O'Reilly, 1996 --- $7
ISBN 1-56592-187-9
By far the tiniest and most useful Perl book, this microscopic text provides a quick reference guide to Perl; it is very useful. - E. Foster-Johnson, in "UNIX Programming Tools"

Sed and Awk (Nutshell Handbook)
Dale Dougherty and Arnold Robbins
O'Reilly and Assoc., March 1997 --- $30
ISBN 1-56592-225-5

Java in a Nutshell, Second Edition
David Flanagan
O'Reilly and Assoc., May 1997 --- $20
(See also the Deluxe edition: book + CD-ROM, with other Java books.)
ISBN 1-56592-262-x
A good overview, a bit terse; assumes knowledge of C and/or C++; the second edition covers version 1.1 of the API. - J.Symons/R.Bossingham

Learning Perl (Nutshell Handbook), Second Edition
Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Christiansen
O'Reilly and Assoc., July 1997 --- $30
ISBN 1-56592-284-0
Appears to be a good introductory book. - R.Bossingham

Java Examples in a Nutshell:
A Tutorial Companion to Java in a Nutshell
David Flanagan
O'Reilly and Assoc., September 1997 --- $20 ISBN 1-56592-371-5
Companion volume to "Java in a Nutshell"; many nice examples. - James Symons

Linux Secrets (with CD-ROM)
Naba Barkakati
IDG Books Worldwide, February 1996 --- $50
ISBN 1-56884-798-X

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in a Week, 4th Edition
Laura LeMay and Arman Danesh
Sams Publishing, November 1997 --- $30
ISBN 1-57521-336-2

Microsoft Windows Nt Workstation 4.0: At a Glance, 288 p.
Jerry Joyce and Marianne Moon
Microsoft Press, March 1997 --- $17
ISBN 1-57231-574-1

Beginning Linux Programming
Neil Matthew and Richard Stones
Wrox Press, September 1996 --- $37
ISBN 1-874416-68-0

Excellent book on programming in the Linux/Unix environment. The "Beginning" part in the title might be a bit misleading, since the book covers sockets, pipes, signals, semaphores, TCL/TK, CGI, and a number of other things that weren't covered in your Freshman Fortran-programming class.- R.Bossingham

Also recommended by several sources...

Debugging with GDB Version 4.16
Richard M. Stallman, Roland H. Pesch and Cygnus Support
Free Software Foundation, October 1996 --- $20
ISBN 1-882114-09-4

Using and Porting GNU CC
Richard M. Stallman et al.
Free Software Foundation, 1997 --- $50
ISBN 1-882114-66-3

GNU Make
Richard M. Stallman and Roland McGrath
Free Software Foundation, March, 1996 --- $20
ISBN 1-882114-79-5