Endcap MC simulations: (*.fzd)

  1. login to one of the Linux RCAS machines (rcas60XX) at BNL
  2. create directory and link few files needed for GCALOR
    mkdir aaa
    cd aaa
    ln -s $STAR/pams/sim/gphysdata/*.dat .
  3. run StAF program (simulation)
       staf The result is a .fzd file with GEANT response of the detector.
  4. an example macro muon.kumac to process a particle

       exe macros/muon nevents=10 file=mc gid=6 pt=20.0 eta=1.75 phi=4.711
    here's the meaning of parameters
    number of events to generate
    output file name (.fzd)
    geant particle id (6 is muon)
    transverse particle momentum in GeV
    pseudorapidity of the particle
    azimuthal angle of the particle
    so our macro generates 10 muons and writes the results to mc.fzd file
    or jpyt2.kumac to run PYTHIA event generator
  5. To test content of the .fzd file under StAF add to .kumac
     trig 1
      gprint hits
  6. test content of the .fzd file under root4star -->see example

Any comments or upgrades of the code are welcome.
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