SSD DAQ and the Databases SDM SPA
In order to perform realistic simulations of silicon microstrip detectors (see SLS above), a SSD Database Manager (SDM) module has been created. This module : A schematic description of SDM procedure can be found here. The tables used by SDM are described here.

This module randomly determines if a strip, a chip, a wafer is working, a pedestal pedestal and noise values for each strip based on a given percentage of dead strips, pedestal and noise distributions. Currently the calibration and condition databases are stored in ROOT files.

The action of the SSD DAQ on the strip amplitudes is simulated within the SSD Pedestal Annihilator (SPA) module. This module :

A schematic description of SPA procedure can be found here. SPA needs to be update to include the 10 to 8 bits data compression performed in the DAQ mezzanines. The behavior of the DAQ in "calibration" mode needs to be defined and further on to be implemented in this module.

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