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- Get access to and running the code
The code is currently available in my home directory at RCF under the directory /afs/rhic/star/users/lmartin/public/star/est/StRoot/St_est_Maker and splitted in several files (the files describing the objects are located in the Infrastructure subdirectory):

The code is using the EGR fitting routines and some of the StarClassLibrary objects (mostly the StHelix object). The code compiles under Linux and Solaris using the SL00e release of the STAR libraries. It does not mean that it does not work for more recent releases but simply that we did not try to run EST with them.

Once compiled, the main macro to run the code is mysc.C which :

The evaluation results as well as the running parameters (mParams and mSegment) are output to a file named out.log which is a link to a file to which a version number is appended. This number is updated like any shared library when a piece of code is recompiled. It can be convenient for comparing results obtained in different conditions and especially when playing with the parameters and optimizing them.

Currently for the input file the macro reads a file containing one event in xdf format. The structure of the file is the following :
DataSetDataSetsTablesTable Types
main tpc_hitstphittcl_tphit
tpc_tracks tptracktpt_track
The svg_shape table is not used anymore. It was previously loaded in order to determine the active area of each wafer. The g2t_vertex table is used to refit the TPC track with the main vertex information. At some point, the geant information should be replaced by something like the main vertex location estimated from EVR. This structure is not mandatory as far as the information is available to fill the objects. The code can be easily modified in order to read the tables from other inputs such as the database for the SVT/SSD geometry.
- Code Documentation

The code is not well documented. Some of the classes and methods are commented.
A preliminary version of a user manual is available here : in ps or pdf
This document is subject to frequent changes. Any comments on improving it are welcome.

- Results

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