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Readout/Timing and Control


Electronics are required outside the active volume of the detector, but as close as possible to the SVT (a few meters away), to perform the following functions: (1) timing and control of SCA readout, (2) receive the multiplexed analog signals from the SDDs and perform analog to digital conversion, (3) send data to data acquisition, (4), receive, interpret, and act on information provided by Trigger Electronics, and interact with a Controls system that must be designed for monitoring, readout board configuring, testing, etc. The Readout Electronics must be able to process and send digitized data to DAQ at 100 events/sec.


The data must be taken off the detector, digitized, and sent to DAQ. DAQ is designed to receive 100 events/sec.


A prototype Readout Board has been designed and is under construction.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 17:23:37 EDT 1995