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Shape and Pseudorapidity Coverage


Cylindrical symmetry with full azimuthal coverage and a large pseudorapidity coverage about midrapidity.


One purpose of STAR is to study global observables for relativistic Au + Au central collisions. One variable in these studies will be pseudorapidity. Fluctuations and statistics are also very important for the event-by-event physics to be done by STAR, and such studies require the largest possible pseudorapidity coverage. The TPC is designed to do full tracking for the pseudorapidity range and full azimuthal coverage. Since the SVT is to complement and enhance data taken with the TPC, it is clear that the same pseudorapidity region should be covered if possible. In addition, the new physics provided by the SVT alone will have very small cross sections so that the largest pseudorapidity coverage possible should be implemented.


The SVT design (see Table I) provides full azimuthal coverage for . See also Chapter 22.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 17:23:37 EDT 1995