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Optical Fibers from the SVT Readout Electronics to the Counting House (Data Acquisition


Table III shows the OPTICAL FIBERS, per each READOUT ELECTRONICS location, that connect the READOUT ELECTRONICS to DATA ACQUISITION RECEIVERS in the COUNTING HOUSE. A path with a square cross sectional area of 0.1 is required from each READOUT ELECTRONICS location to DAQ. Sharp bends must be avoided.

Table: OPTICAL FIBERS required from each SVT READOUT ELECTRONICS location to DATA ACQUISITION (COUNTING HOUSE) RECEIVER ELECTRONICS. There are 12 READOUT ELECTRONICS locations on each of the two TPC endcaps. The total number of OPTICAL FIBER CABLES arriving at DAQ is 48.


The READOUT ELECTRONICS interface to the DATA ACQUISITION RECEIVER ELECTRONICS via OPTICAL FIBER links. Each READOUT ELECTRONICS requires a dual fiber link to DAQ; a total of 48 OPTICAL FIBERS are required.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 17:29:54 EDT 1995