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Table IV gives WATER line requirements at each end of the SVT for SDD/HYBRID cooling. The SVT must have its own water cooling system.

Table: WATER requirements at each end of SVT for cooling.


The SVT Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) and CARRIER ELECTRONICS must be maintained at a constant temperature. Cooling WATER will be provided by a dedicated water system. Two 1.5 in (inside diameter) WATER lines must go from the HEAT EXCHANGER of a HIGH PRESSURE water system located OUTSIDE the experimental hall to 2 WATER MANIFOLDS (about 4 in 4 in 4 in, each) located near one TPC endcap region. Each MANIFOLD connects to 5 -- 0.75 in (outside diameter) WATER lines for entry into the SUPPORT STRUCTURE. These 10 lines connect to a WATER MANIFOLD near the SVT CARRIER INTERFACES. On the other side of the SVT SUPPORT STRUCTURE an identical arrangement returns the water THROUGH a LOW PRESSURE water system (located in the experimental area on the NORTH PLATFORM, THIRD LEVEL) to the HEAT EXCHANGER located outside the experimental hall. The TPC water cooling system is inadequate for use by the SVT for SDD/HYBRID cooling.

NOTE: In addition, WATER must be provided to each of the 24 READOUT ELECTRONICS locations for electronics cooling. The TPC WATER system which cools the TPC READOUT ELECTRONICS will provide the SVT READOUT ELECTRONICS cooling WATER. Each READOUT ELECTRONICS area will generate about 100 Watts of power.

Claude Andre Pruneau
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