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The present SVT collaboration

The SVT collaboration presently consists of 8 participating institutions: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Ohio State University in Columbus, the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, the University of Texas in Austin, the University of Washington in Seattle, Wayne State University in Detroit, and Warsaw Polytechnica in Warsaw, Poland. Several Russian institutions (Dubna, St.Petersburg, Protvino) are expected to join the effort by the end of this year. Additional participation of interested U.S. institutions is actively pursued.

The SVT project is lead by Dr. Rene Bellwied at Wayne State University. The engineering effort is lead by the two national laboratories at Brookhaven and Berkeley. The prototype detectors are designed and fabricated by the instrumentation group at Brookhaven under the direction of Dr. Hobie Kraner. The SVT group supports three independent detector test laboratories at the University of Texas, Ohio State University, and Wayne State University. All university groups contribute to the physics and design simulation effort for the SVT. At this point approximately 40 individuals (faculty, students, engineers and technicians) are official members of the group. The assembled manpower corresponds to around 15 - 20 full time equivalents.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Wed Aug 23 00:13:24 EDT 1995