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Cost estimate

The project is funded by RHIC and the Department of Energy as a research and development program of the STAR collaboration. The RD phase lasts from FY93 to FY95. The project is expected to convert into a construction project by FY96. The proposed schedule will allow completion of the SVT by the beginning of 1999, which coincides with the RHIC turn-on.

The overall cost of the SVT program is 6.2 million dollars (including RD phase FY93-FY95). Up to 1.5 million dollars are committed by the Department of Energy to be spent during the RD phase.

At the time of the STAR conceptual design report the SVT was already part of the general cost and schedule breakdown of STAR. Table 2 shows the cost breakdown for the main subsystems of the SVT project based on the WBS (work breakdown schedule) number system developed by STAR. The contributions of STAR and the DoE to the R+D phase (FY93-95) are summarized in column 1. We assume an allocation of about $700 K in RD money for 1995. A considerable shortfall in RD money in the early years of the project has lead to a moderate cost increase of the system throughout 1998. For the construction phase we suggest a funding profile which peaks in FY96 and FY97. All numbers are based on detailed engineering estimates or vendor quotes, and include material cost, labor, EDIA, and contingency ( 30%).

Table: SVT cost breakdown

Claude Andre Pruneau
Wed Aug 23 00:13:24 EDT 1995