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The 2004 run log browser is here the SVT data is good after Run 5013014

Important Info. for Year 4

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Index Conversion:

Confused about Index numbers? Here's my little conversion table. Each hybrid has its own index such that hybrid 1 (North) wafer 1 is Index 0, hybrid 2 (south) wafer 1 is Index 1, hybrid 1 (North) wafer 2 is Index 2 etc etc

Barrel=1 Ladder=1 Index=0 through 7
Barrel=1 Ladder=2 Index=8 through 15
Barrel=1 Ladder=3 Index=16 through 23
Barrel=1 Ladder=4 Index=24 through 31
Barrel=1 Ladder=5 Index=32 through 39
Barrel=1 Ladder=6 Index=40 through 47
Barrel=1 Ladder=7 Index=48 through 55
Barrel=1 Ladder=8 Index=56 through 63
Barrel=2 Ladder=1 Index=64 through 75
Barrel=2 Ladder=2 Index=76 through 87
Barrel=2 Ladder=3 Index=88 through 99
Barrel=2 Ladder=4 Index=100 through 111
Barrel=2 Ladder=5 Index=112 through 123
Barrel=2 Ladder=6 Index=124 through 135
Barrel=2 Ladder=7 Index=136 through 147
Barrel=2 Ladder=8 Index=148 through 159
Barrel=2 Ladder=9 Index=160 through 171
Barrel=2 Ladder=10 Index=172 through 183
Barrel=2 Ladder=11 Index=184 through 195
Barrel=2 Ladder=12 Index=196 through 207
Barrel=3 Ladder=1 Index=208 through 221
Barrel=3 Ladder=2 Index=222 through 235
Barrel=3 Ladder=3 Index=236 through 249
Barrel=3 Ladder=4 Index=250 through 263
Barrel=3 Ladder=5 Index=264 through 277
Barrel=3 Ladder=6 Index=278 through 291
Barrel=3 Ladder=7 Index=292 through 305
Barrel=3 Ladder=8 Index=306 through 319
Barrel=3 Ladder=9 Index=320 through 333
Barrel=3 Ladder=10 Index=334 through 347
Barrel=3 Ladder=11 Index=348 through 361
Barrel=3 Ladder=12 Index=362 through 375
Barrel=3 Ladder=13 Index=376 through 389
Barrel=3 Ladder=14 Index=390 through 403
Barrel=3 Ladder=15 Index=404 through 417
Barrel=3 Ladder=16 Index=418 through 431

Helen Caines