Isothermal Termination Panel Wiring
and Thermocouple Locations


This page describes the equipment and maps used for the temperature and remote threshold monitoring components of the TOFp System.

The numbering of the KS-1992 Isothermal Termination Panel runs from 1 through 36, left to right. In two cables these inputs serve as an input to the KS-3516 Scanning A/D unit. This module is located in the TOFp CAMAC crate at position 9. Apart from the thermocouples, the isothermal panel also monitors the three threshold voltages actually being used on the FEE at three locations: in the TOFp tray and in each of the two pVPDs. The 28 temperatures and 3 threshold read-back values are thus digitized and archived for every experimental event with the TOFp and pVPD pulse area and timing information.

Note that the KS-1992 has 36 input channels, and the KS-3516 has 32 input channels, so four KS-1992 inputs are not used (see below). Note also that Channel 1 of the isothermal panel is internally  wired to a reference thermocouple which is located inside this unit. This means that any signal cable wired to that input will not be read out. This behaviour is controlled by a switch on the rear of the KS-1992 unit.

In the table below, Ch 1992 refers to the location of the ThermoCouple (TC) wire pair at the (36 input) front panel of the KS-1992, and Ch 3516 refers to the Channel number of the TC at the (32 input) front panel of the KS-3516.

Ch 1992 Ch 3516 Thermocouple Location   Ch 1992 Ch 3516 Thermocouple Location
1 1 Reference Channel (no KS-1992 input)   19 17 under floor tiles near Rack 1B1
2 2 Tray Interior: Water R (out)   20 18 under floor near 1B1
3 3 Tray Interior: Water L (in)   21 19 cable bundle, under floor near 1B1
4 4 Tray Interior: FEE Row 1   22 20 cable bundle, under floor, 1B2 front
5 5 Tray Interior: FEE Row 4   23 21 cable bundle, under floor, 1B3 front
6 6 Tray Interior: FEE Row 9   24 22 cable bundle, under floor, 1B3 rear
7 7 Tray Interior: Air at mid-length   25 23 Rack 1B2: on cover of KS-1992 unit
8 8 cable bundle: A-sections, inside pole-tip   26 24 Rack 1B2: on cover of TOFp -5.2V supply
9 9 pVPD East: FEE Box   27 25 Rack 1B2: on rear cover of NIM bin #2
10 10 pVPD West: inside WAH floor panduit tray   28 26 Rack 1B2: on cover of CAMAC Crate
11 11 pVPD East: inside WAH floor panduit tray   29 27 Rack 1B2: on side of PS706 disc in NIM #1
12 12 cable bundle, first floor ceiling tray   30 28 Rack 1B2: interior air, near floor
13 13 pVPD West: FEE Box   31 29 Rack 1B1: DAQ PC cover
14 14 Platform Air: Front of 1B2   32 30 Thresh Sys Monitor: TOFp
15 15 Rack 1B2: Kepco chassis front face   33 31 Thresh Sys Monitor: pVPD East
16 16 Rack 1B2: interior air above 1992s   34 32 Thresh Sys Monitor: pVPD West
17 N/A N/A   35 N/A N/A
18 N/A N/A   36 N/A N/A