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Ground-Wire Pulser
  Last modified: 11:31 Thursday 08-JUN-2000

Blair Stringfellow circulated (Nov. 17, 1999), a summary of his measurements of the amplifier outputs used to pulse the ground-plane wires for gain and t0 calibration; a slightly edited version of his summary follows:

The 72 outputs of the ground-plane pulser were checked for channel-to-channel variations. The test conditions were:


However, throughout the 1999 running, unpowered MWC cards were in place in the outer 15 sockets; the innermost socket was unterminated; and the LOAB's were grounded. The inconsistency of the anode-wire terminations caused considerable variation between pad rows in the absolute measured pulser amplitudes.

See Fabrice Retiere's ground-plane pulser instructions for more information on the ground-plane pulser.