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Computing Hardware for TPC Testing, Bldgs. 1006/1006C

deneb is a SPARCstation 20 clone, running Solaris 2.6 standalone; it is physically installed at RHIC in Bldg. 1006.

All computers for the TPC tests in Bldg. 1006, as well as those in the Bldg. 1006C trailer, are on the 130.199.88.* subnet. Some important machines, and their IP numbers, are:   HP Laserjet 5M network printer Router NT workstation Sun workstation Windows workstation Windows workstation Windows workstation MiniDAQ terminal server MiniDAQ MVME 167 SPARCstation 20 clone MiniDAQ MVME 167 MiniDAQ i960 MiniDAQ i960 scaup's VME backplane address MiniDAQ i960 Broadcast Subnet Domain name server #1 Domain name server #2

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