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Computing Environment for TPC Testing

Hardware (Bldg. 1006/1006C)

Hardware (Bldg. 902B)


Logon to deneb using the ssh secure shell.

Backup policy:
There are no regularly scheduled backups; they are done, intermittantly and locally, with ufsdump to Exabyte 8-mm tape; for example:

       % ufsdump 0cuf /dev/rmt/0n /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s4

The Windows machines in the Bldg. 1006C trailer print via the tpcjet1 Laserjet 5M printer, served by startpc1.

Printing from deneb is not current possible; in principle, printing through the tpcjet1 network printer should be possible, but, so far, hasn't been.

The power supplying the machines in Bldg. 1006 can, and has, glitched; there is no uninteruptable supply that provides a graceful shutdown. The machines are also in a construction area, and power cables can, and have, been accidentally disrupted.

Thanks to: Jim Thomas, Wayne Betts and Howard Wieman for providing information.

Written: Roy Bossingham (LBNL)   Maintenance