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Problems after a deneb Reboot

PROBLEM: No table server on deneb.
PRIMARY SYMPTOM: eider (and sometimes scaup, also) display messages like:

        -> Cannot make table client handle for task 0x455bc8 (t11)
        There are 3 task variables for task 0x455bc8 (t11):  
        task 0x455bc8 (t11):  0x0074a82e
        task 0x455bc8 (t11):  0x0074a7b4
        task 0x455bc8 (t11):  0x0076df40
        rpc_init_called is at location 0x0074a7b4
        rmtTblCl is at location 0x0074a82e
OTHER SYMPTOMS: The process on deneb cannot be displayed using ps ;
        (deneb) ~ %   ps axw | grep tblSrvr
Unless there is a line like
        3696 ?        S  0:00 ../src/tblSrvr -r smq_trig_rout.tbl -r ...
the table server is not running and must be started.


  1. Start the Table Server.
  2. If necessary, setup the MiniDAQ windows in the usual way.
  3. If necessary, start the State Manager.
  4. If necessary, start Run Control.
  5. Click on ``Init'' in the Run Control window.
  6. Click on ``Config'' in the Run Control window. This will recreate any remaining tables for the table server. All tables should be available now, and can be set, as appropriate.
  7. You may need to click on ``Config'' in the Run Control window a second time--for the actual configuing this time.
  8. Everything should now be ready to proceed with data taking as usual!

Written: Susanna Jacobson

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