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Starting the Table Server

Verify that tblSrvr is not running on deneb:

        (deneb) ~ %   ps axw | grep tblSrvr
Unless a line resembling:
        3696 ?        S  0:00 ../src/tblSrvr -r smq_trig_rout.tbl -r ...
appears, tblSrvr is not running and must be started:

  1. Start the table server on deneb:
            (deneb) ~ %   tblSrvr_start
  2. The script lists deneb's table directory, and a listing like the following verifies that tblSrvr is running:
            (deneb) ~ %   tblSrvr_start
            Starting the MiniDAQ table server...
            [1] 3370
            table directory for deneb, 9 entries, 64 max
                 file    table
                 ----    -----
                 smq_trig_rout.tbl       trigger_routines
                 cosmic_trigdesc.tbl     trigger_descriptor
                 daq_ebl_rou.tbl daq_ebld_routines
                 srj_gain_strucdesc.tbl  table_struct_descriptor
                 ebl_tap_rou.tbl ebld_taper_routines
                 seq_cmd.tbl     sequencer_cmds
                 tape_parm.tbl   taper_parameters
                 check_table     cyclone_params
                 slowctl.tbl     slow_ctl_vars

    If something is wrong you will see this error message:

            rmtTblRPC_Dir failed - can't make client handle
            unable to post command, status:ffffffff.
  3. If tblSrvr and the psm State Manager are both now running, reboot the MiniDAQ processors; if you're starting the system from scratch, wait to reboot until after a later step, when psm is started.)
  4. The MiniDAQ reboot also rewinds the tape: swap in a new tape, if you don't want to overwrite the old one. (Or reposition the old tape if you're sure that you can do it correctly.)

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