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Stopping a Run in Progress

MiniDAQ trigger types are enabled and disabled by a VME output register; the computer GUI's should be used to stop (or pause) a run. There are no ``official'' alternatives.

  1. Select the Run Control desktop on deneb's console; in the Run Control window, click End and wait for the run to finish. (MiniDAQ and Slow Controls should both reach the idle state, and the colored square will stop blinking.)
  2. If a tape is being written and you wish to end the tape, go to the tapeunit.dl window on the MiniDAQ desktop, click Rewind, then click Eject. Take the ejected Exabyte tape out of the TTi 8510 unit above the MiniDAQ rack, set the write-protect tab, then label and store it appropriately.
  3. If a pedestal or pulser run is next, lower the anode high voltage supply voltage slowly by a few hundred volts.
  4. The field cage and grid bias voltages should be left on.

Written: July, 1996 by Doug Greiner and Wayne Betts
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