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Starting the State Manager

Use ps to see if the psm State Manager is running on deneb :

        (deneb) ~ %   ps axw | grep psm
Unless there is a line similar to the one marked below,
        (deneb) ~ %   ps ax | grep psm
        21925 pts/22   S  0:00 script psm_record0513
        21926 pts/22   S  0:00 script psm_record0513
  ===>> 27871 pts/25   S  0:00 psm                   <<===
        27902 pts/25   S  0:00 psm deneb sc
        27934 pts/25   S  0:00 grep psm
psm is not running and must be started.

If psm is running, but non-responsive to clients or otherwise behaving badly, use the PID (27871 in the example) to kill it:

  1. End any run in progress: go to the MiniDAQ workspace, find the run_w_eye display and click End Run. (Run Control cannot be used, since State Manager is unresponsive.) If MiniDAQ ends gracefully, the run will be properly ended and the tape will remain positioned; one should not have to Rewind the tape.
  2. Go to the Run Control workspace and end Run Control, if running: click QUIT in the Run Control window and EXIT in the the Remote Logger window's FILE menu.
  3. End the State Manager, using "kill -INT" with the process numbers from ps to terminate psm and psm deneb sc :
            (deneb) ~ %   kill -INT 27871
            (deneb) ~ %   kill -INT 27902
  4. If you're starting psm for the first time, pop up three conveniently sized and titled xterm's:
            (deneb) ~ %   psm_win &
  5. Start a new, detached State Manager:
            (deneb) ~ %   psm &
    About 10 lines of usage messages will result; be sure they don't include a failure message, like:
            psmManager: SM_E_BIND_FAILED
    One reason that psm might not start is resource depletion. Check, for example, that there are not excessive numbers of dead processes such as .dm (the EPICS GUI windows for MiniDAQ) hogging process slots.
  6. Restart the Slow Controls interface to psm. For test purposes, this is usually just a dummy running on deneb:
            (deneb) ~ %   psm deneb sc &
    In this case, no output messages are expected for a successful startup.
  7. Optionally:
  8. Optionally:
  9. As before, you can use ps to check that the psm processes are running :
            (deneb) ~ %   ps axw | grep psm

MiniDAQ and Run Control still have to be attached to psm; if MiniDAQ is being started from scratch, this will happen later, when the MiniDAQ processors are rebooted and Run Control is started.

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