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Setting Up the Minidaq Windows

  1. Select the MiniDAQ desktop.
  2. Pop up a terminal window (right-click on desktop, go to the Programs menu, select Terminal...).
  3. In the terminal window, type mdaq_win; 5 xterm's and 4 Epics windows should appear.
  4. Iconize the original terminal window.

    The five xterm windows should be connected to the MiniDAQ processors to receive error messages, issue debugging commands, and to verify MiniDAQ activity:

  5. In the scaup window, type:
    telnet nsdts1 7001
  6. In the eider window, type:
    telnet nsdts1 7002
  7. In the scoter window, type:
    telnet nsdts1 7004
  8. In the wigeon window, type:
    telnet nsdts1 7005
  9. In the gadwall window, type:
    telnet nsdts1 7006
  10. To stop double-echoing, break to telnet with ^] ; type mode char followed by <Enter> .


Written: July 12, 1996 by Susanna Jacobson
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