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A Partial List of Experts

TPC: Howard Wieman and Russ Wells are largely responsible for the design of the TPC itself.

TPC Test Sectors: The TPC test sectors were built/installed by Alexei Lebedev, Eric Hjort and Wayne Betts.

Gas System: Leonid Kotchenda has been most responsible for the gas system construction; Doug Greiner has worked on installation and safety approvals for Building 77A.

Lasers: Alexei Lebedev has been most involved with the laser setup and design.

FEE cards: Chinh Vu is the expert on the readout boards; Fred Bieser and Spencer Klein are also knowledgeable about them.

Readout boards: Fred Bieser is the expert on the readout boards; Chinh Vu and Spencer Klein also have some experience with them.

MiniDAQ: The experts on MiniDAQ per se are Susanna Jacobson and Chuck McParland. The Cyclone processor code to calculate table contents was written by Roy Bossingham.

Slow Controls: Jan Chrin is the local, overall expert for Slow Controls; a number of others have developed specific parts of it. Susanna Jacobson inserts data from it into the MiniDAQ data stream.

Trigger: The event trigger has been wired by Wayne Betts and Roy Bossingham.

Run Control: Nathan Stone is currently maintaining Run Control; it was written by Eugene Yee, after being specified by Doug Olson and Roy Bossingham.

Pad Monitor: Mark Gilkes has done almost all of the recent work on the Pad Monitor. There has also been some involvement by Nathan Stone, Iwona Sakrejda and Roy Bossingham.

Analysis: Iwona Sakrejda has the broadest knowledge of the simulations and analysis software. Nathan Stone, Eric Hjort and some others are also knowledgeable.

Staf: Craig Tull is the author of Staf; Iwona Sakrejda and Nathan Stone are amongst the knowledgeable users.

deneb: is maintained by Vladimir Eberman. One could also direct system-related questions to Doug Olson or Susanna Jacobson. Roy Bossingham, Iwona Sakrejda and Nathan Stone have also done some set up work on it.

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